Convincing Your Resistant Teen to Get Therapy

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Health

You’ve noticed some concerning signs in your teen recently. The signs point to a mental health condition, or at least some feelings that are best worked out with a mental health professional. You picked a calm moment and tried to share your concerns for why they should get therapy. However, they’re resisting. Here are some tips to convince your resistant teen to get therapy.

Be Calm

Approach the conversation when you’re both calm. If either of you is feeling upset, that means you’re not open to a productive conversation. Try to pick a moment when both of you can be undistracted and calm, but don’t make it a big production. A moment such as doing the laundry or sweeping the kitchen is good, but try to avoid the car. You don’t want to make your teen feel trapped.


Why doesn’t your teen want to seek therapy? They might feel like admitting they have a problem is bad or seeking mental health treatment is embarrassing. They might have an entirely different reason. Whatever it is, understanding why they’re resistant is important for getting them to therapy.


Explain what teenagers therapy in St Paul or another city is. It’s not a way to fix sick people. Rather, it’s a resource for someone to get mental tools that can help handle obstacles they face. A therapist is a guide and an ally, not a snitch who shares private information.

Get Them Involved

Chances are that your teen feels out of control with their mental health condition. Give them some control by involving them in the process of choosing a therapist. When you meet therapists in person, give them the final say about whether or not they like the therapist. Allow them to choose how much they share with you about their treatment.

You want the best for your child. Sometimes that means giving them space to solve their own problems. Other times, that means getting involved to help them find the right resources to solve their problems. Getting your teenager to therapy is the best way to help if they struggle with mental health. If they’re resistant to the idea, keep trying.

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