Cool Sculpting: What To Know About The Procedure In Austin Clinics

It seems that there are always new procedures marketed to help with fat removal, particularly stubborn fatty tissue that seems to linger despite targeted exercise and weight loss attempts. At plastic surgery centers in Austin, patients have a range of choices in procedures from minimally invasive liposuction to non-surgical and non-invasive options.

Freezing Off Fat with Cool Sculpting

As a non-surgical, non-invasive option, Cool Sculpting appeals to many individuals as it is an extremely comfortable, convenient type of procedure with no downtime or recovery.

Patients undergoing this procedure do not need any anesthesia, and it can be done in a clinic or center. It involves the use of specially designed equipment that targets fat cells in specific treated areas of the body to cool the cells to a point where they crystallize and die, being absorbed back into the body. This is a natural process for cells throughout the body.

The result from Cool Sculpting is the areas of fatty tissue slowly disappear and flatten to the underlying layers of muscle. This is a permanent process as the fat cells are completely removed from the treated area. However, as with any area of the body, fat cells can develop again, so a controlled diet and lifestyle are important to prevent new growth of fatty tissue in the future.

Is Cool Sculpting Right for Everyone?

As the procedure is non-invasive, it is generally considered a good option for anyone. However, it is not designed as a weight loss tool. For maximum effectiveness and results, cosmetic surgeons typically require any patient be close to are at their ideal body weight.

Undergoing the procedure while in the process of weight loss produces limited results and it is more challenging for the doctor to contour the area of the body for a natural look. In these situations, the doctor can work with the patient to determine the best time for the procedure based on the patient’s overall weight loss goals.

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