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by | Sep 5, 2014 | Finance & Money

As a CPA, you’re already familiar with continuing professional education (CPE). Your state or your company may likely require it to maintain your licensures and certifications. Even if CPE training is not required, you may still want to take certain courses just to make sure you’re armed with the latest information in the industry. The only problem is, you don’t have the spare time to do your CPE training in a traditional classroom. For a busy CPA, continuing your education online is the absolute best option. And what’s the best option within that best option?

We founded CPE Think with the busy life of today’s professional at the front of our minds. And who are we? We’re professionals, just like you. At CPE Think, we’re accountants, professors, business professionals and CPAs, so we understand your CPE needs, and we understand that your time is of the utmost value.

High-quality Courses

Our CPA continuing education online courses were designed by CPAs, for CPAs. You can take comfort in knowing that whichever CPA CPE course you choose, it was created by an industry expert, and that you’re getting the quality education you need.

While it’s true that each of our CPA course modules is top-notch, we also care about your budget. You have enough financial obligations as it is, so we make every one of our programs affordable. Your success is our success, and we don’t need to overcharge you for that.

In keeping with our theme of quality, we also strive to make the CPE Think experience as convenient as possible. Our website is easy to navigate, and our online course catalog is fully searchable so you’ll never struggle to find the exact course you’re looking for. Everyone learns at a different pace, and that’s why when you sign up for one of our CPA courses, you’ll be given one full year from your date of sign-up to study the materials and pass the final exam. If you need to take the test more than once, that’s fine by us — we won’t charge you extra for it. Once you pass, you’ll instantly receive your course credits, and those credits will remain active in our system for five years.

To learn more or to view our large CPA course catalog online, head to or call us at (888) 273-0273.

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