Creative Ways to Use Tile Flooring in Silverdale Wa

Home design is expanding in creativity and style day by day. From new floor plans to cabinet choices, when building or remodeling a home, the homeowner wants it to feel unique just as they are. A great way to do so is by upgrading the flooring from a more traditional approach such as hardwood and carpet to Tile Flooring in Silverdale Wa. Tile flooring is often thought to only be found in a kitchen or bathroom, however, homeowners are finding a more creative approach. Some homeowners are using tile in their living rooms to break apart the traditional flow. There are also many ways that tile flooring can make a room go from mundane to beautiful aside from strictly the floor. Listed below are a few ways to do so.

Creative Ways to Use Tile Flooring Around the Home

  • Tabletops. A fun and creative way to give a boring table a new look without having to use a lot of sandpaper and paint is by using tile. Tile allows for new patterns to be formed of any color, giving the table its one of a kind new look.
  • Around Mirrors or as a wall. Applying tile around the edges of a mirror or as a wall gives the mirror and wall a new attractive and unique look.
  • Fireplace surroundings. Tile Flooring in Silverdale Wa is an affordable alternative to using brick or another masonry for the area around a fireplace. It also offers a more modernized look.
  • Backsplash in the kitchen. Many homeowners are using the tile as a backsplash to spice up their kitchen. Not only does the tile provide a more edgy and fun look, but it also makes for easy cleanup should food splatter along the wall.

Whether applying tile to the floor or using it in another creative way, there are a few steps to take in order to ensure that the tile will lay properly.

  • Prepare the surface by stripping away impurities and debris
  • Lay-out the tile pattern
  • Make the cuts
  • Apply the mastic
  • Lay the tiles
  • Grout the joints

It is important to be sure that the tile mastic and grout dries completely before putting any weight on it. For more tips and information on tile flooring, visit your local flooring company today.