Cremation Before Funerals in Riverside CA Can Be a More Environmentally Friendly Choice

Cremation before Funerals in Riverside CA is typically considered a more environmentally friendly option than embalming a deceased person and burying or interring that person in an expensive casket. No cemetery land or mausoleum space has to be used if the ashes are scattered or kept in an urn at someone’s home. Even if the urn is buried at a cemetery, less land is required compared with burying a casket. Biodegradable urns can even be used. The use of embalming chemicals is unnecessary, and no metal is buried in the ground. The result is less of a negative footprint on the environment and a more natural way of managing the practical details when someone has passed away.

Environmentalists may take note of how much waste of resources is involved in the traditional cemetery burial process. For instance, more than a million pounds of steel used in casket construction is likely to be buried in a 10-acre parcel that has been fully utilized. Cremation is not completely eco-friendly, but it is considered easier on the environment than traditional burial or interment. Families that decide on the cremation option from an organization such as West Coast Cremation & Burial Services usually can scatter the ashes where they would most like to. Letting the ashes fly free from a boat on a lake or from a scenic hilltop are possibilities. If the desired location is someone else’s private property, it is best to obtain permission first.

The choice of cremation instead of those other two options has become increasingly prevalent over the past few decades. One main reason is its affordability, as many families simply do not have enough money to pay for a traditional funeral and burial. The deceased person may have prearranged the practical details and decided on cremation so that money from the estate or from life insurance can be used for other things. Traditional services for Funerals in Riverside CA can still be held even if there is no visitation and no casket. Another option is to have a memorial service, which typically is more casual but can still have a religious element and might be held in a church, funeral home or a relative’s house.

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