Debunking Common Myths About Gutters in Kent, WA

A home’s gutter offers its first line of protection against water damage. In many places, local building codes require homeowners to install gutter systems on their homes’ roofs. That’s how important they are.

Despite the fact that gutters have become commonplace, most homeowners still give them little thought. Those who do think about Gutters in Kent Wa are often misled by common myths and misconceptions. This article will debunk some of the most harmful myths about gutters to help homeowners make informed decisions.

Using Old Gutters Saves Homeowners Money

While there are plenty of circumstances in which making repairs or improvements to a home’s existing gutter system costs less than replacing it, aging gutters are much less efficient than newer systems. They’re more prone to clogs and subsequent leaks, which leads to the need for more frequent and more expensive repairs. Homeowners can often save money in the long run by replacing aging gutters with newer systems.

It’s Normal for Water to Spill Over the Sides During Heavy Rain

Modern Gutters in Kent Wa are designed to accommodate even heavy rains. Continuous rain gutters, when properly installed, will never leave water pooling inside the system or overflowing to seep down the home’s exterior walls. Homeowners who are noticing these issues should always call a gutter company to schedule an inspection and make necessary repairs.

All Gutter Systems Are the Same

All gutter systems serve the same purpose, but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. Traditional sectional gutters are less expensive than continuous rain gutters, for example, but they’re more prone to clogs and leaks. Knowing the key differences between different types of gutter systems will help homeowners find the right solutions for their roofs.

Gutter Guards Are a Waste of Money

Again, this is simply untrue. Homeowners will pay extra money to have gutter guards installed on their new or existing systems, but they’ll also deal with far fewer issues. Gutter guards keep leaves, twigs, and other debris from entering the system, preventing the clogs and pooling water that cause rust and overflows, saving homeowners money over time and offering a solid return on their investments.