Decking in Bristol – Considering the Practical Limitations Before Beginning a Project

Wooden decking in Bristol could be a great addition to your garden. Aside from adding aesthetic appeal and increasing property value, decking could keep weeds at bay and reduce overall garden maintenance. Wood is a preferred material for its naturally attractive look and durability. By sanding it every few years, you can keep the decking looking brand new and make the most of your investment! Prior to contacting a deck installer, there are a few design considerations to think about.

The Safety, Position and Features

Will the decking be intended for adult use, or will it be used as a play area for children? Think about this before you start designing the layout of decking in Bristol to ensure safety hazards are at a minimum. If you wish to incorporate certain features into the decking, such as hot tubs, sand pits, swings, ponds, pergolas, planters, storage or seating, draw this into your plan before contacting a professional for installation. Should you wish to install heavy structures at a later date, you must purchase strong timber, such as hardwood. Remember that a raised deck will require a stronger grade of timber.

Checking Building Regulations

Never go forward with a building project before checking the building regulations in your area first, as this could land you in serious trouble with the law. So long as the decking in Bristol does not affect your neighbours, you should get the green light. In most cases, decking is allowed in a residential area if it covers no more than 50 percent of the total garden surface. Some instances that may prevent you from getting the job done are if the structure would affect the privacy of neighbouring properties, or if the deck is fitted within 20 metres of a highway.

Choosing Fixings and Finishes

The decking in Bristol that you choose will be exposed to the weather on a constant basis. UV rays, wind, rain, snow – all of these things can affect the overall quality of the decking. To keep it in good condition, certain finishes may need to be applied. Staining and clear wax coatings will help the wood maintain its appearance, and you can add aesthetic appeal by attaching fixings. When purchasing fixings like framing anchors, post bases, screws, nails and angle brackets, make sure they are corrosion resistant.

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