Defending Your Company with a Palos Heights Business Litigation Lawyer

When you own your own company, you may hire dozens of people to work for you. You anticipate them all being good employees and not giving you a moment’s trouble.

However, when you find yourself the target of an employee lawsuit, you have the right to defend yourself and your company in court. You can launch that defense by retaining legal help like a Palos Heights business litigation lawyer to represent you.

Filing Counter Claims

The employee who sues you may accuse you of a multitude of wrongdoings. This person might claim you failed to pay them on time or the full amount of wages. The employee may also say you engaged in sexual or gender discrimination.

You do not have to tolerate such accusations being levied against you. Your attorney can file counterclaims against the employee and use facts of the case to defend you. The evidence your attorney presents may convince the employee to drop the lawsuit against you and walk away from false claims levied against you and your business.

Your lawyer can also pursue a settlement to get the case dropped entirely. You may avoid bad press and a loss of your revenue and reputation from this type of court action.

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