Dental implants, the third solution for missing teeth

For many years, if an individual was missing one or more teeth they only have two options to correct the problem; a bridge or dentures. Today, patients have a third option, one which has been proven to be superior to bridges and dentures; the option is a dental implant.

Implant dentistry in New York first appeared in the 1950s but at the time was experimental. It was not until the 1980s when fusing bone to titanium allowed for the real introduction of implant dentistry. Since the 1980s, developments in the process continued, today dental implants are the preferred solution for replacing missing teeth.

What is a dental implant?

The actual dental implant is a small titanium “screw” that is fixed directly into the jaw bone where tooth is missing. Once the fusion process between the implant and bone is complete, and this can take six months or so, it becomes a replacement “root”, a base for a fixed crown. Because they look, feel and perform no different than a natural tooth, dental implants have overtaken the other methods of replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants, once fused with the bone, become an anchor for a new tooth, as the implant and the bone are one; there is no problem with slippage which is a common problem with a denture. Implant dentistry in New York is also superior to a fixed bridge inasmuch as there is no need to involve the teeth either side of the gap.

A complete implant:

Although the actual implant is the titanium screw imbedded into the jaw bone, there are two other components required to complete the process.

  • Abutment: An abutment is a type of connector; it sits on the exposed part of the implant and provides a base for a replacement tooth.
  • Crown: This is the visible result of the process. The crown replaces the missing tooth; it is normally made from porcelain for strength and durability.

Implant dentistry in New York is good for one tooth or many teeth. Implants can also be used as an attachment point for full dentures, eliminating the age old problem of slipping.