Dental VeneersBecoming A Monitor Or Ekg Technician

Monitor or EKG technicians, sometimes known as cardiovascular technicians, primarily work in cardiac care units of hospitals and assist cardiologists. The technicians are trained to responsible for attaching EKG electrodes and monitoring the pattern of rhythms in a patient’s heart and addressing any variations or irregularities to their superiors. Extensive monitor tech training is required for anyone who wants to work in this highly in demand working environment. There is very specific education that is required in order to perform these important tasks.

Formal Education

Students who want to become monitor or EKG technicians must acquire associate degrees or certificates in vascular or cardiovascular technology. These programs require students to perform clinical training tasks which provides students with hands-on working experience. It is not required for students to obtain a license to become professionals in this field but it may be essential in certain positions. In order to obtain a position in the field certain education  requirements may need to be met depending on the work environment.

Training Programs and Education

Vocational schools and community colleges tend to offer associate degrees as well as certificates in continuing education in electrocardiography, cardiovascular technology, orcardiac sonography. Any of these degrees prepare students to become monitor or EKGtechnicians. Students who obtain one of these degrees will study courses such as anatomy, physiology, EKG machine operation, biology, and a wide variety of other subjects. Some of hese specific training sessions only last 4-6 weeks.

The Mayo Clinic also offers certificate programs for individuals who want to become monitor or EKG technicians. These programs typically last anywhere from 2-6 months and sometimes include instruction inside of the classroom. Students will learn how to perform EKG operation as well as analysis and cardiac instrumentation and monitoring. Students will then receive their certificates and then be permitted to work in the field. Students can, however, become certified in order to become better qualified to work in their field.

Job Skills

Monitor or EKG technicians should have the proper training necessary to work in the field, but many skills will be learned while working with cardiologists and patients. Most of the skills students learn will be hands-on. A student who wants to become a monitor or EKG technician has to be extremely patient and be able to handle multiple patients at one time. This is a highly rewarding field to work in once you are fully educated. Altamont Healthcare provides monitor tech training for all students who look to pursue this career. Visit their website at  to learn more about their services.

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