Designing Pergola Covers For McKinney Homes

There are a number of different types of structures that can be used to expand or enhance your outdoor living space. In McKinney and the surrounding areas, protection from the sun is the most common requirement for outdoor living spaces.

Generally, there are two different types of outdoor structures. There are outdoor structures that are attached to the home, such as decks or patios, and those that are separate from the home such as arbors and pergolas. However, if these areas are to be covered, it is possible to use pergola covers for a deck or patio area to give a more open, breezy and bright look.

The basic patio or deck cover is usually a solid material. This provides protection from the sun as well as from any precipitation. The choice of pergola covers provides protection from the sun, but it does not protect from rain, sleet, hail or the occasional snowstorm in McKinney.

The Look and Design

The look of pergola covers is open and more of a beam or a lattice depending on the specifics of the design. Cedar is always a popular option and creates a very natural look when stained or simply treated to allow the color of the wood to come through.

With wood covers in the pergola style, it is also possible to paint the cover and the pillars and posts in the design to match the trim on the home or to compliment the home siding color.

One of the advantages to the open style of these covers is the ability to use the cover and the pillars to grow a beautiful flowering canopy. With the long growing season in Texas, vining plants and flowers can be used as this type of material, attracting hummingbirds, butterflies and even honey bees to your backyard.

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