Differences Between General and Cosmetic Dental Care in Fargo, ND

Cosmetic dentists are specialists who focus on improving the aesthetics of their patients’ smiles. That doesn’t mean they can’t still provide the same general and preventative dental care patients need to keep their smiles healthy. Read on to find out about the differences between general and Cosmetic Dental Care in Fargo ND to find out which type of dental office will be the best fit.

Education and Training

General and cosmetic dentists receive the same basic training in dental school. They both learn how to perform regular checkups, provide preventative care, and perform routine restorative procedures. Cosmetic dentists receive additional training on how to improve the aesthetics of patients’ smiles, though, which gives them the skills they need to perform some additional procedures.

Day-to-Day Experience

Cosmetic dentists focus on aesthetics, which means their day-to-day practice involves performing a lot of Cosmetic Dental Care in Fargo ND. While general dentists might perform the occasional cosmetic procedure, their day-to-day professional lives focus more on preventative care and routine restorative treatments. Some of these treatments may improve the appearance of patients’ teeth, but the focus of general dentistry is on maintaining or restoring healthy smiles and healthy bite patterns.

Cost and Quality

General dentists and cosmetic dentists charge similar fees for the same procedures. Sometimes, cosmetic dentists have to charge more to make up for more expensive materials or the use of more expensive dental equipment. Most of the time, it’s worth the extra money.

Commonly Treated Conditions

Both general and cosmetic dentists treat common conditions like tooth decay, broken teeth, and missing teeth. Since cosmetic dentists use materials that are specifically designed to mimic their patients’ natural teeth and procedures that focus on restoring the appearance of their smiles, they sometimes recommend different treatment plans. A cosmetic dentist might offer things like dental bonding or applying dental veneers as well, while most general dentists shy away from these purely cosmetic procedures.

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