Disabled? Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney in Missouri to Get Benefits Promptly

When Americans get sick and can’t work, there are very few government programs to help them. During the first twelve months that they’re sick, they are expected to live off of their savings or have their family support them. After that, they can apply to the Social Security Administration for disability benefits. They may be shocked to find out that their application is denied. They should then hire a Social Security Disability Attorney in Missouri to help them with their appeal. However, it would’ve been faster and more efficient for them to hire an attorney to help with their application from the beginning.

Many applicants think that they just have to prove that they’re sick. However, there is a difference between being sick and injured, or disabled. There are people who can work despite an injury or illness. In order to get Social Security disability benefits, the person has to show how their illness or injury prevents them from working. The Social Security Administration even has a book that lists disorders and how they disable people. In order for a person to be accepted, they have to meet the guidelines established in this book. Most people don’t even know this book exists when they fill out their application. A Social Security Disability Attorney in Missouri is very familiar with the book and will take pains to show how his client meets the established guidelines.

In recent years, doctors have identified several new illnesses that can incapacitate a person. These include common diagnoses such a Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. None of these are included in the Social Security Administration’s listing of diseases. Therefore, it can be very hard to prove that a person is disabled because of them. The lawyer will have to work with the patient’s doctor to determine which listed disease most closely matches their client’s condition and then examine its guidelines for disability. They will have to show that the person’s symptoms are equivalent to the listed disease. If you’re an incapacitated person in Missouri. This law firm helps disabled people get the financial support they deserve –and that they have earned throughout their working years- from the Social Security Administration.

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