Discovering The Pleasures Of Lake Cumberland House Boats

It has become an annual pilgrimage. The “Ohio Navy” leaves their native waters and heads for those of Lake Cumberland. House boats ready, they set out to rediscover the pleasures they know awaits them every year. It is something that more and more visitors are discovering when they reach this man-made lake’s lovely shores. Once they have discovered the pleasures of house-boating, they come back again and again.

Enjoying Life aboard Lake Cumberland House Boats

Yu can find the Lake Cumberland house boat of your dreams easily. Exactly what you can afford, however, will depend upon your budget. You also need to consider such things as family size and what you plan to do. This will govern the type of house boat you finally decide on – or at least it should.

The house boats on Lake Cumberland are not of a single type. They can be basic or provide your family with all the amenities associated with luxury craft. While most small house boats feature:

* Kitchenette including microwave, refrigerator and stove
* Gas grill
* Color TV with DVD player
* Air conditioning
* Rooftop deck with water slide
* Capacity to sleep up to eight people.

Larger and more luxurious Lake Cumberland house boats may have such additional amenities as:

* Tube slide
* Satellite TV
* Stereo systems
* Laundry machines
* Hot tub on the rooftop deck
* Wet bar also on the rooftop deck
* GPS system
* Full heads (bathrooms)

In addition, for any size or type of Lake Cumberland house boats, you can rent or purchase any type of personal water craft or entertainment such as jet skis and pontoon boats. These will make it easier for you to go ashore or to explore the various coves along the shoreline.

What about Licenses for Lake Cumberland House Boats?

You do not have to have a license to drive any of the Lake Cumberland house boats for rent or for sale. As for training in the handling of it – whoever you rent it from will introduce you to the house boat and its features. He or she will provide you with a comprehensive lesson. You can then be on your way to explore the wonderful pleasures of Lake Cumberland.

Timing Is Everything

If you want to become of the many who spend at least part of their holidays aboard Lake Cumberland house boats, be sure you time it right. The boating season on the lake runs from the Memorial Day weekend through to mid-September. However, you can stay and play until early October if you want to. You can often stay longer and cheaper during the off-season. Yet, whenever you do decide to come and play, you will truly enjoy doing so on one of the very popular Lake Cumberland house boats.

If you are looking at Lake Cumberland House Boats with the goal to rent or purchase, get in touch with Lee’s Ford Marina. We offer quality products and service at reasonable prices. From sales and repairs to various lodging and dining experiences, we provide them all. If you want help with an engine or need to rent a cabin; want to know where the best place to fish is or need to find the best golf course in the area – let us, at Lees help.

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