Do You Have What It Takes To Complete Analytics Training In New York?

Some of the most common questions we receive at RSquare Edge are about new applicants for our analytics training programs in New York and what criteria or qualifications are required. While it may seem like this would be an extremely easy question to answer, it is actually a very complex set of factors that make up eligibility.

Our students are not all from one particular program or from one specific type of past training and experience. In fact, we try to create diverse cohorts in our training to provide our students with a greater understanding of how different approaches to understanding and interpreting data can be used. We find that this is extremely beneficial to our students and only comes from having that diversity and differences in experience and backgrounds within our training groups.

Technical Abilities

As can be expected, with our analytics training there is a some reliance on technology. This doesn’t mean that only computer science graduates are a good match for the program or that advanced understanding of technical skills is a mandatory prerequisite.
Our students with a good working knowledge of technical skills and technology will have no difficulty in the training. Anyone can learn to use the more advanced tools, but having a focus on decision-making, problem-solving, business management and strategic application of data is equally as critical.

Time Commitment

The RSquare Edge advantage to analytics training is that we offer an intensive full-time program of study. This is done in person from our New York training facility, and it allows us to incorporate some of the leading trainers and experts in the field of big data in both our course planning as well as in our trainers.

Unlike other programs, we believe that our 12-week program provides the very best learning opportunities. You will be immersed in the world of big data and analytics in a way that allows you to see the connections with both your prior education and experience as well as the real world use of these skills.

Through RSquare Edge, training students will work through case studies that focus on a diverse range of industries and applications. Through this New York-based training, you will be uniquely qualified for jobs in many sectors, giving you the best opportunity to find the job you have always wanted

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