Do You Know Where To Get Medical Marijuana In Maine?

More to the point; do you know how to obtain it legally? Under Federal Law; it is classified as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 which makes anything to do with it totally against the law. But, there can be exceptions to this in some States.

The Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Pilot Program Act

It is not unusual for States to enact their own laws that differ from Federal legislation. The Illinois Compassionate Program Act is but one example of this. The program differentiates medicinal cannabis from that used for recreational purposes; the latter remains excluded by law whereas the former is allowed – but only under strictly controlled procedures.

Who Can Buy?

Currently, Illinois recognizes close to 40 debilitating ailments and conditions that physicians and other experts feel will respond positively to treatment with medicinal cannabis. An Illinois resident who can produce acceptable evidence that they suffer such a condition can apply to be registered under the program. Once approved, they will be given a registry identification card which entitles them to purchase 2.5 ounces of medical cannabis every 2 weeks. The approval lasts for 12 months and is renewable on application.

Where To Buy?

Holders of the program’s registration card can only make their purchase from a dispensary approved by and registered with the Illinois Department of Public Health (who administer the program). The dispensaries are located throughout the State but obviously concentrated in the greater Chicago metropolitan area (or Chicagoland as it is popularly known).

Dispensaries have to obtain the medicinal cannabis from approved sources and growers and; then, only sell it to registered program ID holders. Another condition of the program is that qualifying patients must always purchase at the dispensary that they are registered with. Should they move their location; they must apply for a change in their particular dispensary. In this way, not only does the State maintain complete control over the whole supply chain; but it also has the opportunity to earn income from taxes and registration fees.