Do You Need an Emergency Dentist? Don’t Wait to Get Help in Chicago Loop

When an emergency arises, you usually call on a professional to help. For example, residents in Chicago Loop will call a plumber when their sink doesn’t drain or an electrician when the lights don’t work. You can also call an emergency dentist when you experience severe tooth pain or other issues that just can’t wait. Learning when to call them can help you decide if your situation is considered a crisis.

Loose Filling

Fillings can be the best thing for your teeth because they protect the root and keep you pain-free. However, they aren’t perfect, and they can become loose or fall out (partially or entirely). If you are not in pain when the filling comes out, you may be able to wait if your schedule is hectic. However, if you feel any pain or are worried, an emergency dentist is there to get you an appointment as soon as possible. Residents in Chicago Loop don’t have to suffer unduly.

Chipped/Broken Tooth

Another common problem is when your tooth gets chipped or breaks off (either entirely or partially). This can happen quite easily if you bang your teeth on a glass or something hits your face in the right spot. Chipped teeth usually come with a lot of pain, though you may not feel anything at first. Either way, it’s best to go to a dental professional who can use a composite filling material to reshape the tooth safely.

Tooth Knocked Out

If your tooth falls out altogether, this is also considered a crisis. You are likely to experience pain because the root and gums are inflamed. However, the dental professional may be able to put the tooth back in if you get to them in time.

An emergency dentist has extended hours to help you when something goes wrong. Visit Pure Dental Spa in Chicago Loop to get an appointment today.