Do You Need Sewer Repair in Bremerton, WA?

A homeowner might not know much about Sewer Repair in Bremerton Wa. That’s understandable. Fixing sewer problems can be a lot of work. If a sewer problem isn’t diagnosed correctly, digging might occur when there really isn’t any need for it. That’s why it’s important to work with qualified professionals if any sewer problems are noticed.


Roots can lead to the need for Sewer Repair in Bremerton Wa. When roots first invade a sewer pipe, the situation usually goes unnoticed. That’s because the roots can be very small and usually won’t interfere with the flow of water. Once the roots start to grow, problems will be noticed. Roots aren’t usually a problem with cast iron pipes that have working seals. It’s hard for roots to penetrate cast iron systems.

More On Roots

Dealing with root problems can be difficult. The first thing that has to be done is finding out just how extensive the root invasion is. If the problem has been allowed to continue for a long time, the entire line might have to be replaced. Cameras can be used to discover the extent of the root problem. In some cases, chemicals can be used to clear the roots. Chemicals can be introduced if the roots have not completely blocked the flow of water.

Other Problems

There are other problems that sewers can have besides roots. A sewer pipe might have a localized break or become disconnected. Older pipes might break because of age. Once the location of the problem is determined, it’s usually not that difficult to fix. A homeowner might also notice the smell of sewer gas inside their home. That usually means there is an issue with the home’s trap. A loose or missing cover might be the cause of the gas smell.

Whenever a homeowner notices a sewer problem, they have to act fast. The last thing they want is for the sewer problem to get worse and harder to fix. When a problem gets harder to fix, it also gets more expensive to repair. A person might want to get a few estimates if the problem seems to be an expensive fix.

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