Do You Need to Hire a Divorce Attorney in Silverdale, WA

Quite often, people determine the role of a divorce attorney by what they see on television or in the movies. Unfortunately, this isn’t a direct representation of the real role of a Divorce Attorney in Silverdale Wa. It is true that there are times where a divorce attorney will have to take their arguments to court. However, in most cases, the goal will be to provide services outside of the courtroom while avoiding the courtroom altogether, if possible.

If a person is looking to divorce their spouse, a divorce attorney can be helpful in filing the initial petition to the court. The fact is that divorce laws in the state of Washington will change from time to time and a Divorce Attorney in Silverdale Wa will likely be up-to-date on all the existing divorce laws.

While some divorces can be contested significantly, there are many divorces that find their way to the negotiating table. A division of assets, as well as a stipulation for spousal support, child support if children are involved or custody issues are normally what makes up a divorce settlement. Attorneys representing their clients can help in the negotiation of the division of assets and other issues in a divorce settlement.

Taking these matters to the courts, and having a judge rule on them, introduces a lot of unknowns. Attorneys know that there’s no way to predict how a judge may rule on issues such as child support, spousal support or child custody as well as the dividing of assets. Keeping things at the negotiating table is the better way to work things out.

Even if the divorcing couple is amicable with each other and willing to work on a settlement that is beneficial to everyone, an attorney is still helpful. There may be impasses that are difficult to get over. This is where the negotiating skills of an attorney can be helpful.

If you have initiated a divorceĀ or your spouse has, it’s important to have legal representation. Regardless of how smooth you think the settlement process will go, there are always issues that need to be dealt with, and this is where an attorney comes in handy.