Does A Data Analytics Certificate Really Make A Difference?

One of the most common questions we are asked at RSquare Edge is if a data analytics certificate will really be necessary in business and professional opportunities.

We understand that there are current professionals in the data analytics and big data fields that have no formal education or training in this specific aspect of data science. We also recognize that some of these professionals are extremely successful and well-known, and they are doing well with their current level of education and training specific to business analytics.

However, as with any type of business training, staying ahead of just what is currently in place is a hallmark of a top education. Through completing the RSquare Edge data analytics certificate our students have more than just an understanding of SAS systems; they have a true understanding of the theory and applications of business analytics and big data.
Why it Matters

Whether you are looking for a job at a small startup in New York or if you are looking for a position with an international company, recruiters and hiring managers aren’t just looking at your current skills.

They are also looking at your ability to guide and lead their company in the future. This means having the theory side of the training as well as the actual practical application. In the rapidly growing and evolving sector of data analysis, having a certificate and specialized training gives you a definite advantage.

This advantage really does make a difference. According to studies published by Forbes, the demand for professionals with big data expertise, not just experience, increased by almost 90% from 2013 to December of 2014. This demand will continue to grow, and having our CDAP data analytics certificate demonstrates that you meet this qualification for expertise.

Who’s Hiring Data Analytics Professionals?

In the same article, Forbes also breaks out the five industries that have the highest number of positions in the fields of big data and business analytics. These include:

* IT companies
* Professional, scientific and technical services
* Retail trade
* Manufacturing
* Sustainability, waste management and remediation services

While these are very diverse industries, our data analytics certificate through RSquare Edge will provide you with the practical and academic knowledge to incorporate your knowledge of analytics into any sector or industry.

Additionally, to help with the all-important task of finding a job you enjoy, our Career Services department in New York is here to help. We offer one-on-one support for our students and host networking events and a career week to allow you to meet potential employers during training.