Does Kickboxing Burn Belly Fat? Separating Fitness Facts From Fiction?

Some years back the kickboxing fitness trend took hold and remains enormously popular to this day. It’s not hard to understand why. Kickboxing is a fun, rigorous and rewarding physical fitness program, but does it burn belly fat? Here’s the skinny (no pun) on how to burn the heck out of belly fat.

Yes, Kickboxing Burns Belly Fat

Kickboxing is high-octane enough to burn belly fat and any other type of body fat. In fact, any intense, challenging fitness program completed consistently over time burns fat. However, the program must be combined with clean, common sense nutrition that has a healthy, optimal mixture of premium protein, carbs and fat.

The myth is that this or that particular physical fitness program specifically burns belly fat. The only thing that burns belly fat is a well crafted diet rich with “good” fats, a diverse mix of high quality proteins, complex carbs to fuel recovery and a regular schedule of cardio and muscle conditioning.

Kickboxing: Benefits to Your Core

Kickboxing does convey a few key benefits to the body’s core/abdominal area. The body’s core entails the sides, back and midsection. The complex motions involved in kickboxing recruit nearly every muscle in the body, but with an emphasis on the core. To stay balanced and complete confident, controlled kickboxing movements requires a conditioned core.

As a result, a kickboxing program will, over time, strengthen one’s core and reveal the toned lean body mass below surface fat. However, this result only comes to pass if the individual in question combines kickboxing with a custom, clean diet, nutritional advice and motivation.

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