Doing A Residential Septic Tank Inspection in Doylestown

When someone moves into a new home, caring for the septic systems is one part of maintenance that should be done right away. Since the previous owner’s septic habits will most likely not be known, a clean out and Residential Septic Tank Inspection in Doylestown PA, should be done fairly quickly after moving into the home. Here are some maintenance steps one should take to ensure their septic stays in good working order.

When the septic service gets to the home, have them do a complete clean out of the septic tank. After it has been emptied, the workers can inspect the interior of the tank for any areas needing repair. They will look over the pump and the piping system to make sure it is working as it should. If there is an area needing attention, they will order the proper parts and make the repair.

To keep the septic system from experiencing unnecessary downtime, habits within the home can be helpful in having it run properly. It is best not to overuse water as it will end up in the septic tank. This will make the pump work harder while removing it, putting more wear and tear on the system than needed. Do not keep water running when brushing teeth and have a plumber repair any leaking faucets or running toilets in the home.

It is important to refrain from flushing non-biodegradable items down toilets or drains in the home. These items can become trapped in the system, causing a blockage. When this happens, septic waste may make its way back through the pipes into lower level drains. The tank would need to be cleaned, and the service would need to remove the obstruction so the matter is redirected to the leach field area once again. Chemical agents also cause this trouble so do not pour any down drains.

When someone needs to have a residential septic tank inspection in Doylestown done, they can find a reputable septic service to do the job. Visit our website for more information about septic tank maintenance and to make an appointment if desired.

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