Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing A Web Hosting Provider

Having a website is critical for any business, regardless of the industry or if it is an ecommerce or retail business. However, a website is only as good as the services offered by the hosting company, so it is essential to make sure the service that will be hosting the site has the ability to meet all requirements.

In general, most of the reputable website hosting companies will provide the same basic service. This may initially seem like a good option for companies, but the failure to check on the differences between web hosting provider options may limit the possibilities for a website and a company.

Uptime Issues

With redundancies and cloud-based technology, most of the top companies that operate as web hosting services can now offer 99.999% uptime, and the best options in a web hosting provider are now guaranteeing 100% uptime.

Don’t be impressed by companies that are guaranteeing anything less than 100% uptime. This will ensure your website is always available to your customers, which results in increased revenue potential.

Domain Transfers

For many companies, transferring web hosting companies has always been a hassle. With some companies, there is a free domain transfer offered, that allows the company to use an existing web address and all accompanying email addresses even after the transition to the new plan.

This can allow your company to cut costs without any of the hassles of having to make all the changes. The ability to quickly and easily change domains can have a very big impact if it results in cost savings, improved performance, and increased reliability.

Not Checking Customer Service

There are a lot of web hosting provider options that offer great uptime and top features, but they lack in customer support. Check to see how the provider will respond to problems and questions.

Avoid companies that offer customer support only during business hours. A true 24/7 support team is always the best option to ensure you have the assistance you need when it is required.

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