Drone Inspection – Oil and Gas Applications

Drone inspection services are utilized within the oil and gas and other industries on a routine basis. The technology that is the basis for these drones or a vital aspect of modern day activities for involving rigs, agriculture, wind farms oil spills, construction/maintenance of communication towers, and oil and gas pipeline inspections. It can be expensive to purchase the equipment required for a drone inspection. Oil and gas inspection services require this technology.

Drone Inspection Services

Oil and gas projects that require drone inspections must utilize instrumentation and optics that are highly accurate. Precision and accuracy are of vital importance that these projects. An experienced subsea manufacturing company can help you take advantage of the sensors, cameras, thermal imaging, and cinematography equipment services you require for proper drone inspection. Oil and gas inspection services utilizing drone technology are available from a subsea manufacturing leader in the industry.

Budget Considerations

Renting a drone inspection device or these applications can help you accommodate certain type budget considerations you may have with your project. You can avoid unreasonably high inspection expenses by renting instead of purchasing such a device.

Drone Equipment Training

Along with providing the means to rent drone inspection equipment, a subsea manufacturing or engineering company may also provide you with the training you need for drone inspection activities in the oil and gas industry. This training is essential in order to learn how to accurately operate an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for the purpose of executing accurate job inspections. You may participate in UAV training classes through a local FAA office through which you can obtain an FAA part 107 license, enabling you to legally operate one of these drones.

A seasoned subsea manufacturing company can provide you with a UAV drone rental to effectively carry out an oil and gas project drone inspection. Oil and gas companies can benefit significantly from the use of this technology in terms of comprehensive inspections and accurate results. If your subsea activities in the oil and gas industry require the use of drone inspections, contact a provider in the subsea operations industry to find out how to get started conducting reliable and effective inspections.

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