Drug and alcohol detox centers in Jefferson Country, AL

The statistics are alarming, the results of a recent survey indicate that there are close to 23 million Americans age 12 and up that are in need of help to overcome the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

Many of these individuals seek professional help from alcohol detox in Jefferson County, AL. Detox centers are a good option for many people suffering from drug and alcohol dependency. When an addict suddenly stops taking drugs or stops consuming alcohol, the result is withdrawal symptoms. Detox can be harmful, even fatal, if not handled properly. Professionals working in detox centers can help the addict get through this phase of his or her recovery safely and as comfortably as is possible. The objective is to prepare the addict to transition into treatment for the addiction.

Types of detox centers:

Any addiction to drugs or alcohol is a complex condition that affects the addict’s body, brain and behavior. Addiction, no matter how deeply rooted is treatable; however there is no “silver bullet,” no single approach or treatment regimen that works for everyone.

If the addiction is mild, addicts may be able to detox with the assistance of their doctor, slowly tapering of their use of the substance over time. However, when the addiction is severe, alcohol detox in Jefferson County, AL offer the best option for complete monitoring and care.

* Outpatient: Outpatient detox centers provide care during the day, allowing patients to return to their homes at night. Outpatient detox is suitable for those with a less severe problem and come from a home that has a strong support system.

* Inpatient: The facility used for outpatient and inpatient care is similar; the difference is that detox takes place under controlled conditions and under full time supervision. One of the primary benefits of inpatient detox is the fact that the addict is removed from the temptation to continue with substance abuse which is instrumental in decreasing potential relapse before the completion of the program.

The first step to recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is to recognize that help is needed. It is hard to quit alone, alcohol detox in Jefferson County, AL provide professional care, giving the addict the best chance of successfully overcoming his or her addiction. Contact Kolbe Clinic for more details.

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