Dual Diagnosis Treatment In Minnetonka: What It Is And Why It’s Helpful

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Health

Many times, people experience multiple problems, such as addiction along with mental health disorders. When this happens, many times, the addiction is triggered by the mental health issue and vice versa. Because of this, it’s important to treat both problems at once, which is what dual diagnosis treatment in Minnetonka does. For example, those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs may do so because it makes their depression bearable or because it reduces their stress and anxiety.

How It Works

For this treatment option to work, most people are placed in a hospital or residential facility for the process. They go through all the withdrawal symptoms of their addiction with the help and support of the medical staff. Once they are through with most of the withdrawal symptoms, their psychological symptoms resurface without being affected by the drugs or alcohol. Now, the mental health disorder can be accurately diagnosed, and treatments can be tried until one works.

Once you’re medicated with the proper prescription drugs and amounts, your symptoms will go away, and you may not need the drugs or alcohol to manage them. However, you may still require some substance abuse treatments, such as medical detoxification, and others to help you steer clear of them.

What The Programs Offer

While each facility may be slightly different, most dual diagnosis programs in Minnetonka offer help with medication, help you stabilize your moods, learn preventative techniques for relapse, educate you on how to deal with your mental health problem and resolve any underlying issues. Likewise, family members may be brought in for counseling sessions, so they better understand the situation.

Dual diagnosis treatment in Minnetonka is an excellent way to treat patients with mental health problems and addiction. Visit River Ridge now to learn more.

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