Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Air Conditioning in Sparks

Your air conditioning in Sparks area is your home-based climate control system that controls properties of air such as water vapor content and temperature. To keep this system in good working condition, it’s a good idea to clean it twice a year. This task does not take long and can help prolong the useful life of your AC system. Use the following steps to maintain your air conditioner.

Prior to doing maintenance, ensure that you disconnect all power to your air conditioner. Switch off the two circuit breakers at the main entrance panel. The outside unit uses one circuit breaker and the inside unit uses the other. Locate the two main parts of your air conditioner. The evaporator is usually inside the plenum, which is above the furnace inside your home. The condenser should be located on a level surface outside your home. This can be a slab concrete, flat board, or some other material conducive to the job. Only do this work when the weather is mild. Use work gloves to protect your hands.

To clean the condenser, use gardening tools to remove vines, weeds, and debris that can hinder the functionality of the unit. Use a commercial coil cleaner to rid the condenser of unwanted materials. Directions for this should be on the package of the cleaner. You can use a fine& tooth comb to remove grime that accumulates in between the fins. Do not use a water hose to clean your condenser. To ensure its proper placement, use a spirit level to make sure the condenser is sitting correctly on a flat surface.

To access the evaporator, remove the access plate on the plenum. If there is insulation, carefully remove it. You will have to replace it at a later time so don’t destroy adhesive on the insulation. Use a stiff brush to clean all sides after you move the evaporator forward. Don’t forget to clean the condensation tray with bleach and a wet cloth. Replace the access plate, insulation and evaporator.

When you are done with your maintenance, turn the power back on. Your air conditioning in Sparks area will use less energy to perform its job when it’s not struggling under the weight of debris and grime. For more information on air conditioner services, please call a local AC contractor.

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