Easy Tips for Using Self Storage Units

Moving your belongings into a self storage unit can be stressful and time-consuming if you don’t prepare properly. Self Storage units offer people a chance to declutter their homes and safely store their items during a move. To ensure that your items are protected from theft and damage, use the following tips.

Before you move your effects into your rented storage room, ensure that the storage unit is clean. While most companies do this for you, some don’t. Sweep out the entire storage unit and dust the walls of the unit. If there is a light in the storage room, ensure that you have a light bulb in it and the visible wiring is intact. It will be hard to fix an electrical component after you have your items in the storage unit. You may have to wash the floors and walls with a household cleaner if there is grime and dirt on them. From the inside of the unit, press the walls to make sure they are sturdy. Some old storage units have walls that can be moved to allow access to a unit. It’s beneficial to put a pesticide packet in the unit to guard against rodents and other pests.

After you prepare your unit for your items, plan how you want to move your items into the unit. The items you will need more often or use in the near future should be placed close to the front of the unit. When placing your items, make a pathway down the middle. This pathway should be wide enough to move your item with the widest width through. Stack the heaviest containers and boxes on the bottom unless you plan to construct a stack shaped like a pyramid. You can also stack boxes of similar weight next to a wall for support. Use drawers and empty spaces to put fragile or sensitive items. Finally, draw a diagram detailing the placement of all your boxes. The identification of a box in your diagram should correspond with the words written on the outside of the box.

Using Self Storage Units as a place like SSE Enterprises LLC will allow you to maximize your space while your effects are protected in a safe unit. Preparing and following a plan for storing is a favorable way to have your items handy when you need them.


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