Electric Repair in Indianapolis Resolves Problems With Loose Wiring

Signs of loose wiring indicate a need for prompt electric repair in Indianapolis. Although people tend to delay making the call if the problem is intermittent, loose wiring can be a fire hazard because it produces excess heat. Wiring runs throughout the building from the electrical panel with circuits or fuses for every outlet, switch, and electric fixture.

Intermittent Lighting Issues

Electric Repair in Indianapolis is necessary when lights don’t always turn on after the switch connected to them is flipped. It may take a few tries, or the light comes on a few minutes later. Sometimes, a switch or an outlet quits working altogether even when the circuit or fuse does not indicate a problem. These are all signs of loose connections.

Flickering and Dimming

Flickering lights or lights that get dimmer for a moment for no reason may be a sign of wiring issues, although often there is no definitive reason for these episodes. Voltage fluctuations could cause this problem if it happens when a power-hungry appliance turns on. Having an electrician inspect the outlets and fixtures is advisable.

Evaluating the Wiring

When it’s time to have someone from a company like Burtner Electric address indications of loose wiring, asking to have the home’s entire electric system evaluated is a smart idea if this has never been done. Wiring in many homes is outdated and overworked.

Houses that were constructed a few decades ago typically weren’t designed to manage the number of electronic devices people are running today. Consider that fewer than 10 percent of homes had a microwave oven before the 1980s.

Typically, the electric system can be upgraded without replacing the wiring. The copper wire characteristic of older homes often is still in excellent condition. More circuits or fuses could be added to distribute the usage more evenly.

The electrician can add outlets to minimize the load on one particular outlet, which happens when people resort to power strips and extension cords. Older outlets that no longer grip plugs should be replaced, as loose contacts get very hot and also can cause arcing. These are fire hazards. See BurtnerElectric.com for information on one local company.

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