Electromagnetic Shielding Applications

Without electromagnetic energy, many of the comforts we enjoy today are not possible. For example, you wouldn’t have any products with electric motors. Heating and air conditioning systems could not run and the world as we know it would be a very different place. Fortunately, we have all these things to improve our lives but this same energy can sometimes cause problems, and that’s why we need things like EMI filters and custom EMI gasket applications. Here is more on the subject.

What is EMI?

EMI is electromagnetic interference. If you pass an electric current through a coil of wire, it creates magnetic energy and this energy can interfere with many types of electric and electronic circuits, causing them to behave oddly or even fail. In data systems, interference can cause a complete loss of data and ruin sensitive components. Products like cell phones, televisions, computers, and radios are just a few of the many items affected. They need EMI filters (shielding), and some need custom EMI gasket applications.


Some of the most effective (and early shield types) were metal surroundings. For example, years ago, manufacturers surrounded some radio and television tubes with metal sleeves. This effectively prevented the flow of electromagnetic energy. In fact, if you place a portable radio or cell phone inside a metal bucket or wrap aluminum foil around them, they will not work. When you place an electronic device in a bucket, you create a Faraday Cage (named after its inventor).

Today’s Shields

Some of the best EMI shielding methods use custom EMI gasket applications. They’re made with material that seals and provides a conductive path around electronic devices (like printed circuit boards). By creating a gasket that perfectly surrounds the circuit, it prevents electromagnetic energy from nearby devices from reaching it. These materials may contain copper alloys, conductive elastomers, or wire mesh.

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