Eliminate Ugly Stains Using a Superior Teeth Whitening Service Homer Glen IL

Dingy, stained teeth can be a real problem and even the best over the counter options cannot help very much. One reason for this is the amount of cleaning solution that these products provide which tends to be very little indeed. In fact, most of the pastes and gels that can be purchased have five percent or less of the cleaning peroxide agent. This may be fine to extend an existing dental whitening, but the best way to get a beautiful, white smile is with a Teeth Whitening Service Homer Glen IL.

Teeth whitening is a simple process that normally requires about one half an hour at the dentist. The procedure begins with the dentist placing a layer of carbamide peroxide over the teeth. The peroxide is then mixed with water which results in a chemical reaction. This reaction converts the carbamide into hydrogen peroxide which does the actual cleaning. Peroxide is an excellent whitening agent for use in oral applications such as a teeth whitening service in Homer Glen IL.

After about twenty minutes, the dentist will come and check on the progress of the treatment. For patients that whiten their teeth frequently, this may be all that is required for whitening and the dentist will then rinse off the peroxide. However, if the teeth still show signs of stains, then the dentist will give the peroxide a little more time to work. Keep in mind that the final results may not appear for seven to ten days because the peroxide is still working beneath the enamel. The best part about all of this is that the results should last for months.

Unfortunately, dental whitening is not for everyone. In fact, if the patient has had certain dental procedures such as bonding or crowns, then the process may give unexpected results. This happens because most dental materials don’t change color or collect stains. If this is a problem then the patient may require an alternative treatment such as the application of a veneer over the affected area. Veneers are a thin porcelain shell that covers the visible portion of the teeth.

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