Ending Spousal Maintenance in Chicago

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Law

Spousal maintenance is what people used to call “alimony.” It refers to the financial support given from one party to the other and in many cases in Illinois, may be mandated by the courts. Confusion about spousal maintenance may arise because of the inconsistency with which judges agree to one party’s request for spousal maintenance. There are several factors the judge will take into consideration when granting a request to end spousal maintenance if you are in the Chicago jurisdiction. If you have any questions regarding your rights to ending spousal maintenance early, call a maintenance lawyer immediately for legal counsel.

You cannot assume you can end spousal maintenance at will and are expected to comply with judicial orders or risk being sued in family court. Therefore, consider the multiple factors judges will take into consideration if you want to appeal spousal maintenance agreements or terminate your spousal maintenance. One of the consideration is the ages of you and the other party. Age might in some cases be less significant an issue than income earnings and future income potential of each party as well as any property owned by both parties and other sources of capital. Judges might take into consideration extraneous variables like whether the spousal maintenance has been necessary for promoting the other party’s ability to gain financial independence. After all, your spousal maintenance agreement will in almost all cases be temporary. You will not have to pay spousal maintenance for the rest of your life, but you still might want to terminate it early and you are within your rights to hire a maintenance lawyer to help you do so. Before you do call a maintenance attorney, consider the practical factors in the case including your own earnings and future earnings potential and that of the other party. Each case is treated uniquely, though, so your case does require individualized attention by a maintenance lawyer.

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