Enjoying The Best Of Chicago’s Artisanal Donuts And Pastries

Chicago is known to have some of the best places to dine in the country. It’s the perfect city for foodies who love to try out new foods.

Scrumptious Treats and Chicago Donut Shops

In addition to dining at some of the city’s most desirable restaurants, Chicago donut shops are also known for having the best made-from-scratch breakfast treats and donuts. In bygone days donuts were the breakfast icon; now, they’ve become a delectable treat to enjoy any time of the day. They are perfect for social and family gatherings, business meetings, and functions, especially on special occasions and holidays.

Premier Artisanal Bakery Donuts

While the tried and true basic donut recipes are a classic favorite pastime for millions, Chicago is well known to be the home to one of the nation’s premier artisanal donut bakeries. Stan’s Donuts & Coffee serves up freshly made donuts of extraordinary flavors and textures, allowing foodies and donut connoisseurs a delectable treat not soon forgotten.

Stan’s was born of a friendship-turned-partnership between infamous Los Angeles donut legend Stan Berman and Chicago’s premier artisanal baker Rich Labriola. Their extraordinary donuts are served up with an excellent cup of their own locally-roasted coffee and hand-crafted espresso drinks to jump-start the day or power surge the afternoon.

For those looking for other specialty treats, Stan’s also offers an array of decadent ice cream shakes, and they have created both vegan and “gluten-less” scrumptious donut and pastry options. You can learn more about their Chicago Donut Shops; contact Stan’s Donuts & Coffee today.