Ensure Your Heating and Cooling System Functions Properly With Regular HVAC Equipment Maintenance

An HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is a great way to heat and cool your home, but it needs a little help. For instance, the system uses a central air exchange that handles both hot and cold air. This means that all of the air that flows through the HVAC must be pushed through the evaporator coil. This results in a lot of dust and debris collecting on this coil. Eventually, this gunk will build up and block the airflow through the system. HVAC Equipment Maintenance can eliminate this problem by removing the coil from the system and cleaning it in an acid bath. This process eliminates any crud caught between the fins of the coil along with the dirt that sticks to the piping.

It is very important that you have regular HVAC Equipment Maintenance performed at least once a year. At a minimum this service should clean the air exchange, test the refrigerant level and verify the airflow. Most technicians will also check the electronics and test the thermostat. However, once a year maintenance may not be enough to keep your system functioning properly. Most manufacturers suggest having the system serviced twice a year. The first service call should be done in the early fall before you first use the furnace. The purpose of this process is to clean out any flammable dust and debris that has collected in the combustion chamber. This critical step is important for avoiding possible house fires.

Generally, the best time for servicing the AC portion of the system is late winter or early spring. This way, you get the system tested before you put a heavy load on it. Plus, many HVAC contractors offer great specials at this time of year so you may be able to save a buck or two. It is important that you don’t skip this maintenance. Servicing the HVAC could get you several more years of faithful operation and is the best way to avoid serious repair problems. The technician can spot many failures when they are just beginning. Components like the condenser often have specific symptoms when they wear out such as lower compression rates or noisy bearings. Catching these problems early could save you a lot of headache.

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