Essential Information About the Two Major Types of Garage Flooring

Garage floors are exposed to various corrosive substances, such as battery acids, motor oil, grease, salt and antifreeze used in car radiators and coolant tanks. On prolonged exposure, these substances can eat through the concrete, often severely damaging the floor. By applying a Garage Flooring, you will not only improve the way your garage floor looks, but you will also protect it from corrosive substances and deterioration. There are two major types of flooring options for garages, which include garage floor coatings and garage floor coverings. If your garage floor is in a good condition, you use either of the flooring options. However, if the floor has lots of pockmarks or cracks, then a covering is a better option because it hides the damage.

Garage Floor Coatings

There are four major forms of garage floor coatings. They include:

  • Concrete floor paint
  • Epoxy paint
  • Concrete sealers
  • Concrete stains

Garage floor coatings are cheaper than coverings, especially if you apply them yourself. They protect the garage floor from corrosive chemicals, stains and moisture penetration. It is important to note that garage floor coatings cannot be used on grounds where moisture rises through the concrete and keeps it damps. Moisture prevents the coating from sticking to the concrete, making the coating to flake, chip and delaminate soon. It is, for this reason, why it is important to test your concrete slab for moisture before applying a coating. The main disadvantage of coatings is that they may require several hours of floor preparation before they are applied.

Garage Floor Coverings

Garage floor coverings are available in two forms: roll-out mats and interlocking tiles. One of the key benefits of garage floor coverings is that they are easy to use. The only preparation needed is a thorough sweeping and vacuuming of the floor. In addition, coverings can be used in damp concrete, and can hide cracks and craters in the floor. The only disadvantage of garage floor coverings is that they are expensive to purchase as compared to coatings.

Garage Flooring can help to enhance the value and appearance of your garage. They are safe to drive on and help to extend the durability of the concrete base of the garage. For more information about the various flooring options for your garage, visit us. You can also visit them on Google+ page for more information.