Evaluating An Institutional Pharmacy In Columbus, OH

Providing medications to institutional facilities in Columbus, OH, including group homes, mental health facilities, skilled nursing facilities or intermediate or long-term care facilities is part of the role of an institutional pharmacy.

For healthcare providers, caregivers and facility-based medical or mental health professionals and management teams, finding the best pharmacy that can provide all the services required is an important part of building an important partnership.

Choosing the right institutional pharmacy will allow your facility to have the necessary medication formulations, the ability to deliver prescriptions as needed and a top level of customer support.

Packaging Solutions

Unlike standard retail types of pharmacies, those specializing in working with institutions offer a greater range of specialized accommodations in the packaging of medications.

This allows the Columbus, OH, facility or institute to request specific packaging options. Short or monthly fill systems may be available through different services. Always compare the flexibility and the ability to work to your needs when evaluating different pharmacies.

Medication Reviews

It is very common for patients in many of these facilities to have multiple specialist doctors as part of the treatment team. This can lead to the prescription of medications that may result in harmful interactions.

Look for an institutional pharmacy that offers a pharmacist medication review. This allows a pharmacist to review the medication chart to identify any possible drug interactions. This can also eliminate the risk of duplicate medications and possibility recommend options in medications that may be more effective.

Delivery of Prescriptions

Ordering medications is only part of the process. Pharmacies that offer a case manager or single point of contact person for your facility is always a time-saving factor when placing an order.

When services are able to add free delivery with real-time tracking of everything from signature proof of delivery and delivery confirmation, ordering and management of medications becomes much easier and more streamlined.

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