Evaluating Any Humidity Control System

In any type of industrial or commercial application where humidity control is important, finding the best option in environmental control systems will be essential. With several different factors to consider with these systems, looking at each element of the design will be essential in selecting the best option.

Always consider the humidity control system as it applies to a specific use. In other words, it is relevant and important in making the right choice to look at the application as well as the environment where the system will be used.

There are different systems that are designed for specific applications. For example, many companies offer a greenhouse humidity control system that will be very different than what is required for a textile factory or use in a specific type of processing application.

Internal or External Sensors

While the fogging and misting system will be critical for any application, it is essential to consider the configuration of the control possibilities for the system. There are two basic options for sensors, one which is located within the control until and those that are located external to the controller.

Both are good options for both small and large physical spaces. Typically, with larger areas, an external sensor is recommended as part of the humidity control system to ensure the entire space is maintained at the same humidity levels. These external sensors, as well as internal models, will be designed for either standard humidity levels of higher humidity levels of up to 99%.

Misting Systems

The misting or fogging lines, nozzles, and pumps will all be connected to the controller. This allows for automated management of the humidity levels without the need for manual adjustments.

Custom types of humidity and environmental control systems may be required in specialized types of applications. These systems will allow for greater control, including the use of a remote control that operates through a wireless receiver. This allows for manual control of the system in areas that would be otherwise very difficult to reach.

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