Evaluating Movers in Baton Rouge and Their Services

When it comes to moving and planning you always want to make sure that you are clear on a few things when selecting your movers in Baton Rouge. The local area has several reputable moving agencies that provide excellent customer service, which is great. But that still does not take away from the fact that you should never select movers for your residential or commercial relocation if you are not sure of the following things.

Things to Know About Your Movers

The first thing you should be sure of is whether or not your moving agency is properly licensed and insured (liability insurance and optional valuation). Moreover, as a customer you should always be proactive. In other words, do the research ask and confirm the information that you receive. You may feel like this a little much when it comes to moving a few boxes or finding storage for your old business computers. But, the fact remains that you should always feel comfort with the moving agency you choose and one of the best ways to feel comfortable is to know for sure that you have hired a legitimate business.

Another legitimacy concern is whether or not your moving agency is licensed to perform your specific time of move, i.e. local, interstate or international. Once you know for sure that your moving agency are licensed, insured and legally capable of handling your move, then it is time go over the fine print. Going over the fine print means asking the even harder questions in reference to subcontracting, additional fees as well as the following:

* Storage and Appliances – How does your moving agency handle temporary storage needs or generally changes in moving plans?  Do they move appliances or certain kinds of equipment?

* Claims and Packing – What are the company’s policies on claims, how are they processed, how claims handle if damage occur with items that were self-packed?

* Delivery Dates – Are dates guaranteed? What are the company’s policies, etc?

Choose Carefully

Find out as much as possible about your movers in Baton Rouge. Many moving agencies are highly capable, but that does not mean you should trust that any agency is qualified to handle your specific move.

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