Evaluating The Cost Of Garage Flooring In Nashville Homes

It is very common for Nashville homeowners to look for the lowest cost solution when considering different options in flooring for a garage. However, just looking at the cost per square foot of garage flooring does not tell the complete story.

In addition to the price of the actual flooring, which is most often paint, do-it-yourself epoxy kits, or professionally applied epoxy flooring; there are three other factors which have to be considered. These include the life cycle of the flooring, the time to install, and the cost of replacement of the flooring over the time you own the home.

Life Cycle of the Flooring

Paint, even top-quality paints, will have the lowest life in a garage setting. They can be easily scraped off the surface with heavy objects, and hot tires will cause paint to lift, leaving bare patches where the vehicle is parked.

Do-it-yourself epoxy kits will provide a more durable option with a longer life cycle, but it will still need to be replaced as the surface will show signs of wear, stains and peeling or lifting, usually within a few years. This will result in multiple kits being purchased over the time you are in the home, with subsequent applications requiring additional surface prep to remove any residue of the old epoxy.

With professionally installed epoxy garage flooring, look for companies offering a lifetime guarantee on the floor. This means a lifetime of quality flooring which will not need to be replaced.

Prep and Installation Time

An often-overlooked cost of painting and epoxy floor kits is the time it takes to prep the floor surface and install the garage flooring. There will also be the need to rent the concrete sanding equipment, with basic prep and sanding usually taking one to two days for large garages.

Professionally installed epoxy flooring is the easiest and most durable option for any Nashville home. It also provides a range of different finish options, allowing for full customization of the floor to create just the look you want.

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