Every Child Custody Case Needs a Good Child Support Lawyer

A divorce in Florida, also known as a Dissolution of Marriage, is always a difficult time for the parties as well as any children of the marriage. Not only do the assets of the marital estate have to be divided but so do the debts. This requires an accurate accounting and inventory, as well as many other details. However, the property issues are much easier to be objective about than the issues with the children. In actions where the children are not the offspring of a marriage, there are still custody, visitation, and child support issues for a court to address.

In divorces or parental rights actions in Jacksonville, Fl., one party is usually ordered to pay child support to the other party, but the amount varies depending on the number of children, income, expenses, and other factors set forth in the Florida Child Support Guidelines. While many websites and even lawyers take the position that the amount of child support is “set in stone” in reality a good child support lawyer in Jacksonville, Fl. can assist a client in using the guidelines to their advantage.

This can be done in several ways. If the client is the one seeking child support, then their attorney can carefully examine the assets and income of the other parent to ensure the guidelines are correctly applied and the amount on which the percentage of child support is to be calculated is the proper amount.

On the other side of the case, if the child support lawyer in Jacksonville, Fl., is representing the party who is going to have to pay child support, then the lawyer will examine the records and question the person. This is to make sure any deductions which the client is entitled to take and reduce the amount on which the child support will be based are brought to the court’s attention.

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