Examining Crimes with Theft Defense Attorneys

In Kansas, criminal defendants could face several years in prison based on the value of any stolen property. Theft, robbery, and burglary charges are serious offenses in the state and are typically classified as a felony. The conviction could prevent the defendant from acquiring employment in any financial field in the future. Theft defense attorneys provide assistance for criminal defendants facing the charges.

Defining Theft in Kansas

Theft charges encompass several probabilities including shoplifting. The crime is defined by taking the possessions of another person forcibly or without their knowledge. Robbery and burglary could fall under the same classification.

Reviewing Shoplifting and Theft

All instances of theft in which the items were valued under $1,000 is considered a class A misdemeanor. The penalty for the crime is no more than one year in jail. Statistically, the state won’t require a jail sentence for first-time offenders; however, in most instances, the judge requires at least fines and probation. The victim could file a lawsuit against the defendant to collect restitution for any monetary losses.

When the property is over $1,000, the charge is considered a level 9 felony under specific conditions. Defendants who stole properties from three different locations in under seventy-two hours are charged under the classification. Additionally, they must have at least two previous convictions for theft.

Reviewing Burglary Charges

All burglary charges are felonies. The crime is considered a level 7 felony in most instances, especially a home invasion. All defendants convicted will receive at least one year of probation regardless of the value of the stolen property.

Robbery Charges in Kansas

The crime is defined as taking possessions from anyone by force. It is a level 5 felony unless a deadly weapon is involved. Any robbery charge involving a deadly weapon changes the charge to a level 3 felony.

In Kansas, criminal defendants must work with a defense attorney to avoid a conviction. Theft, burglary, and robbery are serious offenses that will affect the future endeavors of defendants. Felony convictions lead to serious fines and extended prison sentences. Defendants who need the help of theft defense attorneys can contact Addair Thurston Chtd. right now. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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