Exciting Ways to Incorporate a Photo Booth at your Corporate Event

If you’re looking for a unique way to get people to come to your trade show booth or company event, we have a doozy for you. You can have a lot of fun and even send guests home with goodies that get your name out there. A photo booth rental in Long Island is the best way to spice up those otherwise dull events. Here’s how to make sure it’s a hit.

Exciting Backdrops

Everyone is going to want to jump in the photo booth, no matter what background you choose. However, you can choose a customized backdrop that includes a message or logo that represents your company. Some companies offer oversized booths so a crowd can enjoy the experience together. Those are perfect for adding a gala flair to the event. Make the guests feel like a million bucks without spending a ton of money to do so.


Pretty much every corporate event has schwag like coffee mugs, key chains, and tee-shirts with the company name emblazoned on them. Most people don’t use these items very often, which is why offering something else can make you stand out. By having your logo or name on the photo strips that your guests take home, everyone will see your name on the cubicle wall or social media feeds.

Team Building

As for the employees, make it fun for them as well. Toss in a bit of team spirit by taking funny photos together. You can choose props to go with backdrops that allow your team members to get creative. On the other hand, you can also choose to take professional team photos for your business website.

Showcase Products

If you are planning to launch a product at your corporate event, photo booths can play into that. Let the guests try out the product while in the photo booth. This is great for smaller companies as fun photos and videos might end up online where others realize how excellent your product offerings are.

Company Picnics

A photo booth rental in Long Island can also be a great addition to the yearly company picnic. If you’re giving away tee-shirts or other swag at the picnic, your logo will show up on all sorts of photo strips. This also gets the kids involved and can give downtime to those who need it.

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