Experience The Advanced Security Technology Of An Ansul System In Iowa

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Safety Equipment Supplies

Keeping your home or business safe from fire should always be a top priority. However, there are several types of businesses and industries in which the risk of fire is even greater. This means that you will need a more advanced system of fire detection, alarms and suppression. For a high quality system that is made of the most cutting edge, reliable and durable technology, you can install an Ansul system from Iowa.

Who Can Benefit From An Ansul System?

Because of the wide array of products it has to offer, an Ansul system is the perfect solution for a variety of businesses and industries in Iowa. They provide systems and solutions that are just right for:

-Restaurants – In industrial and restaurant kitchens, there is a heavy fire risk. All the bustling activity, combined with the heat and open flames, are a potential recipe for catastrophe. Fortunately, Ansul distributes several types of products, including fire and smoke detectors that are very sensitive, but will only go off in the case of an actual emergency. They also distribute special fire extinguishers that are specifically designed to be used near food.

-Museum/Archive Storage – Protecting important artefacts that are highly valuable for historical, legal or other reasons means that you have to know what to do in case of a fire. When fire breaks out in a museum or archive, it can be absolutely devastating. However, you also need to know what to use to put out the fire, because many fire suppression and extinguishing systems will ruin artefacts and documents. Ansul systems contain products that are clean agent solutions. This means that they effectively and quickly put out the flames, while keeping sensitive items from being ruined in the aftermath and protecting the environment.

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