Expertise Matters When It Comes to Dental Implants in South Loop

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Dentist

When you are searching for the dentists that you can depend on for dental implants in South Loop, your number one focus should be on finding a practice that is established with experience. Dental implants in South Loop are a great solution for missing teeth. They can easily restore your smile and help to keep your oral health in good standing.

The Benefits of Implants

Besides the aesthetics there are oral health benefits to having implants placed. The implant mimics the root of your natural teeth which helps to reduce the amount of bone loss. When you have missing teeth, the bone that would normally surround that tooth/teeth starts to shrink when there is nothing there to keep the bone from shrinking. Implants help to keep your natural teeth from shifting into the empty space and help to keep your bone healthy. Of course, they also look and feel natural.

Why Expertise Matters

There are a few things that affect the outcome of your dental implants. While implants are a fairly common procedure today and are offered by many dental practices, they still require a great deal of expertise to ensure the best possible outcome. The skill set of the dentist plays a big role in the success of the implant. Even if every other positive influence is in a place like:

  • Healthy bone
  • Enough bone
  • Good overall health

Without the right skill set you may be set up for failure. Dental implants are a very precise science. The implants have to be placed in just the right spot at just the right angle to be successful. It takes experience and the right skill set to be able to place an implant for success. South & West Loop Dental is the place to turn for dental implants, you get the expertise and the dedicated staff that will restore missing teeth. To know more information visit

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