Experts in Home Health Care in Alexandria, VA Give Tips to Help Prevent Falls

There are other illnesses besides COVID-19 that increase the chance of falling. Infections in the urinary tract, respiratory system, and circulation can result in disorientation, low blood pressure, and dizziness. A fall may even be the first sign that an elderly person has an illness, according to emergency room experts.

Many medical disorders increase the chance of falling, whether or not an illness brings them on. Some drugs can also be a factor in the issue, according to some professionals in home health care in Alexandria, VA.

Here are some tips from Capital City Nurses that can help you prevent accidental falls.

Better Nutrition

To create a diet plan specifically for your medical needs, including foods that can maintain your strength and vitality, ask your doctor. Maintain hydration but restrict alcohol consumption.

Right Kind of Exercise

You should consult your physician to obtain a “prescription” for a fall-prevention exercise program that is both safe and effective. This program should include exercises that improve balance, endurance, flexibility, and muscular strength.

Footwear Makes a Difference

Experts in home health care in Alexandria, VA say slipping and falling can be prevented by wearing shoes that fit well, are durable, and have a decent tread. Instead of wearing socks or going barefoot within the house, it is recommended that you wear shoes or slippers that offer support.

Fall Prevention Classes

These programs teach older persons how to move through space in a way that reduces their risk of falling by placing emphasis on awareness of their surroundings and planning their movements.