Exploring the Whole Range of High Quality Wholesale Tortillas in New York City

A staple of people living in what is now Mexico for thousands of years, the tortilla is one of the world’s simplest and most satisfying foods. By far the greatest number of tortillas eaten today are formed from masa dough, a wet mixture created by pounding nixtamalized corn. In the northern part of Mexico, on the other hand, and throughout much of the United States, tortillas made from wheat flour are at least as popular.

Whether corn or wheat, tortillas are a fundamental part of Mexican cuisine. Tortillas accompany virtually every meal throughout much of Mexico, and they are just as much a part of the expected restaurant experience in the United States. Taking pains to create or secure excellent tortillas, in fact, can be one of the best ways for an American restaurant specializing in Mexican food to make a respected name for itself.

The wide availability of excellent wholesale tortillas in New York City makes this far easier than in the past. Daily deliveries of top-quality, fresh-made tortillas can be arranged from a number of vendors in the city, ensuring that restaurant guests will have an authentic and enjoyable experience. In fact, there is a quite a bit in the way of variety available, so that even restaurants with particularly distinctive dishes will be able to find suitable Wholesale Tortillas.

Restaurants that make a lot of burritos, for example, will want to obtain the kind of tortillas that are up to the task. In the state of Sonora in northern Mexico, this means wheat-flour tortillas that are so thin that they can be seen through and often as wide as the arms of those who make them are long.

For tacos, of course, tortillas of this kind would be entirely inappropriate. Instead, restaurants that serve up tacos inspired by the cuisine of Mexico City and the Federal District will want to order tortillas that are barely the size of the average palm and made from corn masa. Restaurants that specialize in tacos from nearby states, on the other hand, will typically seek out larger ones. Whatever the particular requirement, the fact is that suppliers of wholesale tortillas in New York City are ready to serve.
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