Exploring Various Outdoor Lamp and Globe Styles for Your Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor lamp globes can be used as street lights, lamp posts, or patio d├ęcor. As such, they can be functional, decorative, or both. Here’s what you need to know about finding the right outdoor light for your home.

What Are Outdoor Lamp Globes Made From?

The different types of lamp globes are made from acrylic, polycarbonate, or polyethylene materials. Acrylic has the advantage of being able to resist weathering, which means it can withstand moisture, wind, and heat. It also emits a very bright light. Acrylic is both lightweight and shatter-proof. Polycarbonate is designed to withstand extreme weather and it can tolerate extremely cold temperatures. Polyethylene is shock resistant and can resist even the most corrosive conditions. This is also the least expensive material, but it only comes in solid white.

These lamp globes can be clear or white, and most are textured. The different materials contain UV inhibitors that keep exposure to the sun from yellowing the globes. They can also tolerate impacts and resist moisture. They are thus sturdier than older types of globes.

Are There Different Types of Outdoor Lamp Globes?

There are several different types of outdoor lamp globes including teardrops, trinidads, as well as acorn and macho acorn shapes. Teardrops look like their namesake and may also remind customers of very large Christmas lights. Trinidad-shaped globes have a base that looks like an inverted bell and a bell-shaped cap with an indented seam between the two. They are inspired by Victorian lamp globes. Acorns are indeed shaped a bit like the nut of the same name. Macho acorns lamp globes resemble handless jugs. To discover more about outdoor lighting follow our Facebook page.

What Sizes are Available?

A large lamp globe generally has a neck or opening which fits into the lamp, and this opening is usually between 8 and ten inches wide. They can be used for both residences and businesses. Some globes, by contrast, have necks as small as a little over three inches.