Exterior Painting Companies in Indianapolis IN

You are tired of the graffiti that always shows up on your business. You keep having to repaint the building and it is costing you money. It is time to explore anti-graffiti exterior painting in Indianapolis IN.

The least expensive of the options, for the first coating, is a sacrificial coating. This coating is applied over your paint and forms a shield. When graffiti is sprayed onto it, it only goes onto the coating. To remove the graffiti you will need a high pressure washer. Spray down the vandalized surface, allow it to dry, and then apply a new coating.

An anti-graffiti coating that does not have to be reapplied after every washing is semi sacrificial. This particular coating only has to be replaced every other vandalism. When vandalism is applied, you use a high pressure washer and solvent. When using Commercial painting for this particular coating, ask your painter what solvent would be best. They will know what solvent will deteriorate the coating the least.

The final type of anti-graffiti exterior paintingin Indianapolis IN coating is permanent. This is the most expensive type of coating, but you will not have to reapply the coating after vandalism. With this coating you remove the graffiti using a solvent and a brush. It is more work to remove the graffiti, but you save money on not having to reapply coatings. If you are not sure which solvent to use, contact Flora Brothers Painting because it will vary depending on the type of permanent coating that is used.

The manual labor involved in each type of coating is very low. The real choice is in how much your business can afford. All of these choices will keep you from having to repaint the entire vandalized wall.

Choosing one of these types of coatings can help save your business thousands of dollars annually. Not having to repaint your building every time that vandalism is applied to it will allow you more time to focus on your business. Not doing anything about protecting your building from vandalism can cost you time and money because you also have to take the time to get together with the painter.