Facts About Dentures in Cedar City UT

Dentures Cedar City UT are dental prosthesis that can be removed by the patient at their convenience. It usually replaces several teeth. It relies, in part, on the person’s remaining teeth. However, it also relies partly on patient’s underlying bone and gum. This type of prosthesis typically involves a week or so to adapt. In addition, it needs to be modified from time to time. Indeed, the mouth, unlike the prosthesis, is alive and evolves continuously. After several years, the prosthesis will no longer be stable and a new one must be installed.

Types of removable dentures

  • Complete prosthesis (or dentures) are needed when no teeth are left. They are replaced by a resin prosthesis, which must rest as widely as possible on the gums.
  • Partial (skeletal) Dentures Cedar City UT are metal-based dentures that rest on both the gums and the remaining teeth (using hooks). This prosthesis is a little more stable than the complete prosthesis because of the support provided by the teeth.
  • Removable dentures on implants are dentures that provide the patient with much more stability, especially if there are no teeth left on the top or bottom of the mouth. These implants, which are previously placed surgically, is connected to the denture either by snaps, by a slide, or by magnets.

Maintenance of removable dentures

It is important to brush your teeth, gums, and prostheses after each meal. The partial prosthesis with hooks retains more dental plaque, increasing the risk of decay. The hygiene of the prostheses is then paramount. The prosthesis must be removed during sleep and left in a glass of water or in a cleaning solution purchased from a pharmacy. It is very important not to wear a removable prosthesis 24 hours.

Cost of a removable prosthesis

The price of a removable prosthesis can vary according to its type, whether it is a complete, partial or implanted prosthesis. In addition, the prosthesis can replace missing teeth on one jaw or both. Generally speaking, the cost varies between $1,000 and $3,000. It is best to choose a dentist that uses the best material available and has a history of providing reputable care at an affordable price.

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