Falk Gearbox: The A-Plus Parallel Gear Drive

by | May 4, 2018 | Industrial Supplier

Gearboxes are mechanical devices employed to either increase the torque or decrease the speed. Also known as speed reducers or a gear drive, they are essential for many industrial applications. Among the many companies that produce them, one name stands out. This is Falk. Since 1892, this company has gained a reputation internationally and locally in states such as Texas, for producing the reliable and durable Falk gearbox. Among its current models is the Falk A-Plus Parallel Gear Drive.


Falk gearboxes have an established reputation for performing well under even the most demanding environments. The Falk A-Plus Parallel is no different. It features:

 * Strong, rugged design
 * Tandem Falk Magnum lip type seals for high oil level specifications
 * Grease chamber is purgeable
 * Positive lubrication
 * Durable in the harshest environments
 * Minimum wear and tear, therefore maximum operational life
 * Highly durable gearing
 * Tough all-welded steel housing
 * Smooth operation
 * Able to withstand shock easily

The features that come standard with this type of Falk gearbox ensure the longevity of the overall product. The engineering of the Falk A-Plus Parallel gear drive produces a product that requires little to no maintenance, therefore, helping to reduce downtime while lowering time for repairs and/or replacements. The applications vary, however, the company notes that the heavy-duty models are capable of conveying various types of material – such as for food and beverage applications in Texas, they are not intended for the transportation of people.

The Falk Gearbox

In Texas, when looking for a durable, reliable, quality gearbox, many industries look at the Falk line. When it comes to producing a high-quality, rugged product, it is hard to match Falk. Indeed, a Falk gearbox such as the Falk A-Plus Parallel not only meets the expectations of their industrial customers but also exceeds them. Rexnord or Falk gearboxes and other products continue to deliver what is required when other companies fail.

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